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The press in its historic connotation comprehends every sort of publication which affords a vehicle of information and opinion.'" (citation omitted). Finally, one Court got it right when it held that “not all bloggers are journalists.Are we then to create a privilege that protects only those reporters employed by Time Magazine, the New York Times, and other media giants, or do we extend that protection as well to the owner of a desktop printer producing a weekly newsletter to inform his neighbors, lodge brothers, co-religionists, or co-conspirators? However, some bloggers are without question journalists.” Further, there is no published case deciding whether a blogger is a journalist.

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However, the Court did go one step further and lay out a test for what evidence would establish someone’s standing as a journalist.

Defendant fails to bring forth any evidence suggestive of her status as a journalist.

However, there is a growing body of case law which rejects this narrow definition.

Moreover, changes in technology and society have made the lines between private citizen and journalist exceedingly difficult to draw.

My, Self appointed job or mission, have you is to get the TRUTH out so that real estate victims can get justice, get "made whole", get their MONEY and get on with their REAL LIFE... Cox wrote hundreds of articles for her blog, many of which made accusations against Kevin Padrick and Obsidian Finance. “Without any controlling or persuasive authority on the issue, I decline to conclude that defendant in this case is ‘media,’ triggering the negligence standard.” Opinion, p. This appears to be a bit of a cop out by the court, since blogging is a relatively new phenomenon.

In some cases, she would post ten or more articles in a day. By holding that bloggers do not qualify as media because Courts have not previously granted them this status creates a self-fulfilling prophecy.

The difference is that he is better at it than I am and gets paid for it, while I still have my day job.

In reading through Crystal Cox’s rambling and often obsessive blog, there is occasionally some solid reporting and good questions raised.

2011)(rejecting qualified immunity for police officers who arrested citizen for filming them with a cell phone camera).

In another case, the Court refused to recognize a claim to a “reporter’s privilege” not to divulge sources on the grounds that it could lead to a slippery slope which would include bloggers.

For example, there is no evidence of (1) any education in journalism; (2) any credentials or proof of any affiliation with any recognized news entity; (3) proof of adherence to journalistic standards such as editing, fact-checking, or disclosures of conflicts of interest; (4) keeping notes of conversations and interviews conducted; (5) mutual understanding or agreement of confidentiality between the defendant and his/her sources; (6) creation of an independent product rather than assembling writings and postings of others; or (7) contacting "the other side" to get both sides of a story.