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Rightly so, for it is indeed one of the most unusual structures ever built by human hands.The ancient Roman's ability to draw the intricate plans and select only the most successful time-proven construction techniques made this complex building possible.

Inside the Pantheon The building design is one of a large round shape very much like a large barrel with a dome covering the top. Layers of beautiful thin brickwork cover the outside, round walls.Small access holes appear occasionally in the wall which were used during construction to frame interior voids.Recent studies reveal several major cracks in the dome, but it still functions unimpaired.This condition will surely excite the curiosity of our structural engineers.Again, it is truly a credit to their mental prowess and organizational skills.

The following pictures show the beautiful interior.The building was built entirely without steel reinforcing rods to resist tensile cracking, so necessary in concrete members, and for this concrete dome with a long span to last centuries is incredible.Today, no engineer would dare build this structure without steel rods!The main entrance is thoroughly impressive: double bronze doors 21 feet high (6.4 meters), a lasting and fitting contribution from their metal smiths.These doors are protected by a high, broad porch, made with 16 well arranged granite columns supporting a gable styled roof.The design is not entirely unusual because there are other Roman buildings which have a similar configuration, but the size is unusual.