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With the emergence of so many new online dating apps, it's inevitable that most single people will dabble online at some point during their single lives. Want to see if online dating is a good match for your dating goals?

You're standing in front of your Family and Friends prepared to make your dreams of a lifetime come true.

Between the explosion of dating apps, the proliferation of dating sites, and opportunities to connect with someone offline, .

In some ways, finding the best method to meet potential partners is more difficult than actually going on that first date.

Be sure to look for a future Smart Gay Life article focusing on LGBT dating outside of apps and websites, and in the meantime, let us know if you’ve had any luck with LGBT online dating!

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Luckily, we’ve combed through reviews to find the best LGBT dating sites and apps, whether you’re looking for a fling or a long-term commitment.

These apps and sites can be great starting points, whether you’re looking to scope out the scene or find a date for this weekend.

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