Lesbein dating

when that happens womyn will be stronger than men physically and in every other thing.gautam Im one of those guys that some of you wierd women say they would castrate. Why pay for a gym when sex far better and free at almost any time.

a woman to me is little more than a pleasurable excercise bike Nikk Sheffield Interesting ..

Permit men to be naked that day allowing all to witness their loss and celebrate.

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Leewe men should be castrated when we are pretty young. the odd bird has threatned to rip my bits off,but we all know aint never gonna happen.

may be when we are 10 or 12 so that boys wont grow up to be physically strong. while ever you women keep invitin then Ill keep on.

I however witness and assisted in castrating a horse and a donkey. He allowed me to slice open the sacks reach in and pull out the balls. He instructed me how to cut the cords and I soon had the balls in my hand.

He finished up the procedure, as I had such a rush of power as to what I had just done.

I have seen both the horse and donkey after the procedure, and they are so timid and gentle.

In my opinion I believe all men should be castrated at sometime in their life.The donkey balls I have saved and they are such a conversation piece as they sit in my living room.My girl friends giggle and always ask to see them, where my male friends seem a bit afraid.And I surely would support the law which You say about in Your first messages in this topic. Men do not disaprove of circumcision, its just carried out because it is best.Yes, we inferiors males must be dealt with very harshly if we want humankind survive on this globe. Castration would be accepted, you would be surprised how quickly it would be accepted.Previously i supported that any male who has ever made any attempt to rape a Woman must be castrated.