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What about tried and true boys’ names--the ones that span generations yet are still holding strong? It can make your head spin as you try to predict the names of the future as well as select the moniker perfectly suited for your unborn son.

So, you want to call your son something that stands out among the crowd yet is still largely well-known and recognized.

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Shrouded in mysterious origins, the name has been documented in France as early as the 6th Century.Meanings for Alan vary yet include “little rock”, “handsome” and “harmony”.Maybe one of them will stand out as the perfect gem of a name you've been looking for.The name Alan is currently in excellent standing in Poland and Mexico but seriously fading in North American society.There is also the famous legend dating back to the 6th Century about King Arthur though whether he was real or fictional is still up for debate.

A couple of other origin stories include Arthur coming from the Celtic term “art-vrig” meaning “bear king” or the ancient Irish name Artur.The boy’s name Barry is translated as meaning “spear” or “fair-haired”.Despite the name not topping any current trendy list for boys’ names, it is still relatively well known and is most often associated with musical legends Barry Manilow and Barry White.If both of these portrayals are before your time, then you are sure to recall the popular animated show from the 90s called Hey Arnold.If you are a fan of the uniqueness but aren’t completely sold, variants of Arnold include Arend, Arndt and Arnoud.It’s also been coined as a slang term for “fox” and even possibly “deer”.