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Your statements will be made under oath before a clerk.

In 2000, there were nearly 1,250 child marriages in the commonwealth.

Last year, there were still 217 child marriages — about seven of every 1,000 marriages.

On the petition you may ask for any of the following: 2.

A judge will review your petition and decide which, if any, of the requests will be granted.

You may call VINE Protective Order (1-800-511-1670) to register to be notified when the respondent has been served.

You may need to take extra safety precautions when the order is served if you think the respondent might try to harm you after being served with the order. Once the respondent is served with a copy of the order, it is effective until a court hearing is held, which should be within 14 days.

If the judge believes that the abuse has occurred and may occur again, a long-term protective order may be issued.

Long-term protective orders are called with a Domestic Violence Order (DVO) or an Interpersonal Protective Order (IPO).

Before Fayette County can issue a protective order, you must fulfill three requirements. You must be a resident of Fayette County or have fled to Fayette County as a safe place. There must be a relationship between you (the petitioner) and the person you are filing against (the respondent) that meets one of the following criteria: Kentucky law defines "dating relationship" as a relationship between individuals who have or had a relationship of a romantic or intimate nature.

This does not include a casual acquaintance or ordinary fraternization in a business or social context.

The Court will look at the following factors to determine if a dating relationship exists: 1.