Kelly clarkson dating reba son

Hours after making her announcement, Clarkson was showing off her ring on the Internet.“Everyone has been asking about my engagement ring, so here it is,” she wrote. And for a modern twist on engagement we have the story of Kat Von D and Deadmau5 from Radar Days after Charlie Sheen called out the tabloid regular for not even bothering to thank him for a 0,000 check he sent her to help with tax problems, the actress sent a belated thank-you card and flowers.

Blackstock, a Nashville-based talent manager, is the son of Clarkson’s manager, Narvel Blackstock, who is married to Reba Mc Entire. " Deadmau5, a techno music star whose real name is Joel Thomas Zimmerman, wrote on his Twitter page. " The engagement comes just five weeks after Kat Von D announced their breakup on, you guessed it, Twitter.____Li Lo sends belated thank-you to Charlie Sheen There's nothing like a public shaming to stir a little gratitude, even from Lindsay Lohan.

In October, Clarkson told the women of "The View": "I'm from a small town so, like, everyone's married with children or about to have children.

So it's a little hard when you go home and people are like -- and that's why people think I'm gay -- because they're like 'Why aren't you married?

They have apparently been dating for the past year, with Brandon accompanying Kelly to the Super Bowl last month where she kicked off the event by singing the American national anthem.

Kelly Clarkson reportedly has a new man in her life!

According to Clarkson has been with the 35-year-old Nashville talent manager since late last year.

Clarkson, 29, has been single since 2006, when she split from singer Graham Colton, sparking some speculation that she was a lesbian.Friends tell TMZ she's inconsolable, repeatedly calling her lawyer in tears. Actor-singer Nat Wolff (”The Naked Brothers Band”) is 18.They say she admits her life is out of control, but is putting the blame on others. Kelly Clarkson had some exciting news for her fans. Your priorities kind of shift and you become happier and all that stuff.The former “American Idol” winner is engaged to talent manager Brandon Blackstock! But I’ll wait it out.” The singer was asked what type of wedding ceremony she’d want, revealing, “Honestly I’ve never been the girl to plan a wedding. It’s probably my best accomplishment because I think, for me, especially, I just didn’t think it would happen.” Kelly Clarkson joked about her lovey-dovey relationship hurting her creativity, stating, “It is killing me.When Clarkson first met Blackstock, he was actually married.