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He said you don't see many people rocking a formal top with jeans and cowboy boots.

am After the break they played a ''Brent Hatley: Modern Day Oracle'' bit, a Baba Booey Christmas song parody, a Lenny Dykstra message to Robin about eating her pussy for the holidays, Taylor Swift's ''We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together,'' a ''Scott Salem Bowling Show'' bit where he gives tips on bowling, a phony phone call the guys made to a Chinese restaurant using clips of Robin speaking Klingon, a Richard Simmons ''Gary!

He said he has a book out called ''The Book of Leon: Philosophy of a Fool.'' Howard said J.

He said that he will take time out of his life and tell someone that they don't look good. He said he overheard this one guy talking about getting a job and he looked fucked up. He said he had one guy stand up straight because he was all hunched over.

said it costs him nothing to walk up to your ass and fix you. He said he helps people out with their posture too.

Howard said he thinks the supermarket burned down there though. Howard said he doesn't want to be that guy who gets his ass beat by another old man.

Howard said it would be incredible to show up there like that. said he's avoiding these people who fucked him up back in the day. said if he has to get away from some bullshit going on he'll hop on a horse though. Howard said his wife dresses and her friends wear the same things the next day. Robin said she thinks that the jeans not going over the boots thing works. He said he can tuck a trench coat into his pants and people will copy it if he looks good. Howard said it would take him a lot of time to look that good.