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At the time of the collision it was dry but it had been raining and the road surface was wet.

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It had nothing to do with road or weather conditions.'But very similar circumstances, a woman travelling towards Banstaple on the A361 with two young children in the car.'For an unknown reason the car has crossed the while lines and collided with a car and trailer.'Police said they notified just after 11.30am on Sunday following a two vehicle collision on the A361 near to West Buckland.

A Vauxhall Vectra car travelling towards Barnstaple was involved in a collision with a Ford Ranger 4x4 towing a trailer travelling in the opposite direction.

That continual lobbying for improvements, at the West Buckland junction in particular, are moving forward will be no solace to the those caught up in these crashes.'We must all fight as hard as we can to get the improvements which have just been consulted upon in place just as quickly as possible.'And an M&S spokesman told Mail Online yesterday: 'Our thoughts and sympathies go out to the family and friends of the individuals involved.'Mr Mc Lellan said Sunday's separate collision was a 'terrible coincidence' when a mother and her two children were in a car which crashed into a car towing a trailer.

He added: 'There is nothing to link these incidents.Mr Heaton-Jones, 53, said that he was working together with the area's local councils to 'get the money we need to get the improvements to this link road'.He tweeted: 'Very sad to hear three people - a mother and two children - died in #NDevon Link Road crash.North Devon Conservative MP Peter Heaton-Jones declared the A361 - which is known locally as the North Devon link road - as 'unsafe' after the two crashes.He told BBC Devon that motorists on the road are generally 'taking too many risks because there are short overtaking lanes that suddenly merge at not much notice'.The family, thought to be from the Milton Keynes area, were believed to have been travelling to a holiday when the collision happened on the A361 near Aller Cross.