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Our favorite celebrity couples were the crossbreeds; the athletes, the models, the actresses, and singers!

It’s a world worth considering: We open on a South Central street lined with palm trees and small, well-kept houses whose windows aren’t yet barred.

People are working in their yards, sitting on their porches. We know crack is coming, and we have an idea of what it’s going to do to this neighborhood, but the characters don’t.

The couple has four children, two boys and two girls and Lisa is the stepmom for Dustin’s two other daughters from his first marriage.

Their happy marriage proves that that every ending has a new and sometimes an even more lovely beginning.

The actor couple is still married, and John and Kelly have three children.

Their son, Jett, sadly died in 2009 when he was only 16.You’ll also be amazed by some of the circumstances surrounding their divorces!These infamous celebrity wives have also managed to keep up appearances, as well their beauty.Ellen Gray is the television critic for the Daily News and the Inquirer, and has written about TV since 1994.Her mind will go blank if you ask her to name her favorite show, because she has so many, but she would love to hear about yours. , a sporadically funny mockumentary about doping in cycling that premieres Saturday and whose many stars include Andy Samberg, Orlando Bloom, Jeff Goldblum, Kevin Bacon, Daveed Diggs, Julia Ormond, and, bizarrely even for this, Lance Armstrong.Andron told reporters in January that while “I don’t want to give too much away …