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if you are in a position to apply pressure adam sweeting please i agree with everybody above how dare the bbc axe Zen. It has certainly sent me off to read the Dibdin books.

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Besides, BBC One was hardly to going to air a series in Italian with English subtitles at prime time on a Sunday night. i do hope all the people who have written here have made their feelings known directly to the bbc.

theartsdesk is vastly not amused at the show’s disappearance, because our review of drew a huge number of hits and readers were still adding their (mostly enthusiastic) comments about the series long after the third episode had been broadcast (Sewell with Caterina Murino, pictured below). the attitude that prevails in the bbc is dubious if not repellent. Well written, beautifully shot, fantastic actors, especially Rufus Sewell and Ben Miles but all were excellent. It will be a crime if this series does not continue.

Shot amid succulent Italian locations in Rome and the surrounding countryside, won plaudits for Rufus Sewell’s performance in the title role (and it appeared that Sewell in a range of stylish Italian suits exerted an aphrodisiac effect on a sizeable number of viewers), while his leading lady and former Bond girl Caterina Murino lent an aura of Italian voluptuousness to the production. enjoyed the series so much I looked up who the author was and am now reading the books . 'zen' was a wonderful production, stylish, witty and fun.

Some argued that the films failed to capture the authentic flavour of the late Michael Dibdin’s original novels, and a mostly British cast pretending to be Italians struck a few wrong notes, but the show possessed a wit and style absent from most home-grown dramas. really enjoyed all three in the series and have been looking forward to more . a very classy and entertaining programme, beautifully acted.

However as he also commissioned such intellectual gems as The Undercover Princes, Britain's Missing Top Model and The World's Strictest Parents his reasoning is understandable if not, in my opinion, sound.

With the success of Inspector Montalbano I hope that BBC4 will now have the wit to commission more Zen.When the victim did not believe him, Marshall flew into a violent rage.” The victim claimed that Marshall then started to punch him repeatedly and tried to suffocate him with cushions.“He tortured him for hours to get him to reveal his bank card code.He was tracked down on a bus in the suburbs of Rome at am on Friday.“He tried to flee but was blocked and gave himself up,” said the officer.He is suspected of having sex with Mr Iale before stabbing him four times in the chest and then strangling him with an electrical cord.