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Typically, levels are (i) agitation, (ii) calm, (iii) responsive to voice alone, (iv) responsive to tactile stimulation, (v) responsive to painful stimulation only, and (vi) unresponsive to painful stimulation.Examples of sedation scales include MSAT (Minnesota Sedation Assessment Tool), UMSS (University of Michigan Sedation Scale), the Ramsay Scale (Ramsay, et al.This sedating activity is sometimes used in managing conditions such as eczema where sleep maybe disturbed due to pruritus.Sedating antihistamines also have significant antimuscarinic activity and should be used with caution in patients with prostatic hypertrophy, urinary retention and angle-closure glaucoma.Sedation is also used extensively in the intensive care unit so that patients who are being ventilated tolerate having an endotracheal tube in their trachea.

Also can be used during a long term brain EEG to help patient relax.

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These findings suggest that chronic kratom administration does...

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The AAP and AAPD collaborated to unify recommendations used by medical and dental practitioners and provide clarification and updates of prior reports.

As the opioid crisis in Canada reaches alarming new heights, claiming the lives of 2,800 Canadians in 2016, new research suggests that...