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Silicon Valley's sexual harassment scandal over the summer exposed tales of bad behavior by venture capitalists, two of whom, Dave Mc Clure and Justin Caldbeck, resigned.The removal of two prominent investors sent shock waves through Silicon Valley, where for years there were few consequences for sexist and predatory behavior.

A viral #Me Too movement has sprung up on social media with women coming forward with their stories of sexual harassment. His suicide note included cryptic references to 9/11 and PTSD. Trent Franks announced Thursday night he will resign from Congress at the end of January after the House Ethics Committee said it would open an investigation into allegations of sexual harassment.The wave of sexual misconduct allegations that toppled Hollywood power brokers, politicians, media icons and many others was the top news story of 2017, according to The Associated Press' annual poll of U. Speaking at The Hollywood Reporter's Women in Entertainment breakfast, Jennifer Lawrence and Angelia Jolie tackled big issues, including Hollywood harassment and the plight of women worldwide. 7) The top editor for the 'National Enquirer,' 'Us Weekly' and other major gossip publications is being accused of openly describing his sexual partners in the newsroom, forcing women to watch or listen to pornography and more.Edwards claims Gary Goddard, a well-known theatrical director, producer, and theme park designer, sexually abused him when Edwards was a young teenager.In a tweet, Portia de Rossi recounted her audition for a film Steven Seagal also had a part in.He was released on October 12 and was barred from having any contact with Herman.

Before she left for work on Wednesday, Herman had thanked her doorman for telling her that he had spotted Verdi in the area the day before, the New York Daily News reports.'She said, "I don't understand why he keeps doing this when he knows I have an order of protection - we're going to be going to court pretty soon",' Ricardo Ramirez said.'I said, "Obsession.

Thousands of women are identifying themselves as victims of sexual harassment or assault following a call to action propelled by Alyssa Milano in the wake of Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein's downfall over of allegations of sexual misconduct. 17) Stories of sexual harassment and gender hostility are coming to light at a hearing on preventing sexual harassment on Capitol Hill.

GOP congresswoman, Barbara Comstock, says she was told that a member of Congress exposed himself to a staffer. 14) An Alabama woman, Beverly Young Nelson, is now the fifth woman to accuse Roy Moore of sexual assault.

He was arrested on October 5 for stalking Herman, and authorities had granted her a protection order against him.

Verdi, who spent seven days in prison, was ordered to turn over any guns he had, but his lawyers denied that he owned any.

He had allegedly been following her to and from work, tailing her to appointments and even showed up when she was on a date after she ended their brief relationship in July.