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I start off with coals stacked in a pyramid and paper underneath.

Once cooked, you would separate the flat from the point anyways.4th - Doing this beforehand cuts your cook time down significantly. Roll up your sleeves and use your hands for this one. You want to smoke and cook your brisket with indirect heat.

I separate flat from point by allowing that layerof fat dictate where I'm running my knife. This is the way to achieve this without a smoker that has a dedicated smoker box.

The brisket has a fat cap that has to be trimmed down significantly. I like to separate the point from the flat before smoking for a few reasons.1st - I do this out of necessity. The length of the brisket is to wide to fit on my grill without separating it.

I like trimming a ton of it off because I want most of that flavor on the crust to be on the meat... I also want that rub to penetrate down into the meat. There's gonna be a layer of fat separating most of the flat from the point. Later on I will show you the set up for converting a regular grill into a smoker.2nd - I don't like a layer of fat running through my flat.3rd - The grain on the flat runs in a different direction than the point. I always apply the wet base to the fat cap side first. With bottom side up, I apply a generous layer of rub. I apply a generous amount of rub again, making sure to get the sides as well.

Your gonna wanna check your brisket every hour monitoring the temp, to add more wood, and add more water if needed to the pan. I have not had to add any water to my pan yet as the brisket continues to render and contract. Best of all is that I find it tastier than some of the leading lagers in the market and it's only 4 bucks for a 6 pack. I switch back to lump coal because the smoking is done once you wrap in foil.

The foil method is known by some as "the Texas Crutch". Excellent instructions - did this today - all in I spent 11 hrs and I have to say it was definitely worth it.

Make sure all of the lighter fluid has been burned off and the fire is glowing white hot before putting your brisket on the grill. I start off with chunks of mesquite and will later incorporate some apple wood. Make sure you pull your brisket out of the fridge while you prep your grill. I like to dust it with a light coat of rub, especially on the underside right before it goes on the rack. My total weight is 10 pounds making my weight per piece approximately 5 lbs each.

What I'm looking for is a cook time of around one hour and 15 minutes per pound at the temp of 250 to 275. As you can see, the dripping from the point are preventing a good crust from developing on the flat. Use rubber gloves specifically designed for handling hot meat.

This is done to prevent surface evaporation from the meat. Agree on the chimney comments below, its too easy and one less thing you have to buy. I was not as successful at getting burnt ends as I wanted to, but will work on that next time.

Before and after wrapping, evaporation cools the meat, and that is what is responsible for the infamous "stall" a period of several hours where the meat's internal temp plateaus. Crutch for too long, and you will extract flavor from the meat, remove all the rub, and cause the proteins to get their undies in a bunch, forming tight knots that will make the meat tough and wring out moisture, and then eventually make the meat too soft and mushy. Had to settle for a butchers cut (mine was 5 pounds) instead of the packers cut used here - unfortunately those can be hard to come by. The flavor was amazing and I think this was due to the mop/inject recipe here. Sorry have to say it, a big no on the lighter fluid.

With this smoking setup, it's damn near impossible to keep the temp at around 225 for "low and slow". Dab it on avoiding to smear so that you do not ruin the formation of the crust. It's almost about that time that you can start cracking open some beers. I move the flap to the top back and the point to the bottom to correct this problem. This is when I begin it add the apple wood to the mix. Set it back on the grill and cook for an additional hour.