Intimidating strike

Some countries, such as Portugal and Argentina, already have laws banning street harassment and catcalling.Other parts of the legislation will lengthen the time women have to lodge sexual assault complaints going back to their childhood, and establish an age below which a child cannot legally give consent to sexual acts.

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The latter legislation comes in response to the controversial case of a man who is being prosecuted only for sexual abuse and not rape because his victim, aged just 11, is considered under French law to have given her consent.

The first offense carries a maximum jail sentence of just five years, compared with 20 for rape of a minor.

'Those are benchmarks for the magazine and certainly covers I have been very, very proud of.'I think it's to be true to yourself.

Listen as much as one is able to other people whose opinions you respect...

France's gender equality minister, Marlene Schiappa, on Monday set out plans for new legislation aimed at fighting sexual violence and harassment.

Schiappa, 31, told RTL radio in an interview that the new law, to be voted on next year, would among other things impose on-the-spot fines on people harassing women in the streets or indulging in lecherous behavior in public.

Now, as she is named 69th on the most powerful women list alongside other fashion figures, Diane von Furstenburg, Muccia Prada and Gisele Bundchen, Ms Wintour seems either in denial, or keen to right a wrong.

'I think that's just something that's been fabricated by certain elements of the media and as you well know, once something is out there, particularly in today's world, it just gets exaggerated.

And, you know, I just keep my head down and do the job to the best of my ability.''All of us at Vogue are always looking for talent - for someone who has a head on their shoulders and who can understand that being talented is obviously important, but that you also have to have a sense of business and being creative and commercial are two words that can work together,' she told Forbes.

Ms Wintour said she is particularly proud of the covers that have featured the 'women I sincerely admire,' namely, Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama.

Weinstein scandal makes waves The interview with Schiappa comes amid the sex scandal surrounding Hollywood film mogul Harvey Weinstein, who is facing allegations that he sexually assaulted a number of actresses, including four from France.