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Speaking to The Post, the user confirmed the authenticity of the interview and said: "I The report comes amid rising fears within Egypt's homosexual community. 6, seven men were arrested -- allegedly for "inciting debauchery" -- after a video showed the men attending what appeared to be a same-sex marriage ceremony on a Nile riverboat, Human Rights Watch reported.

The organization warned that homosexuals faced extreme dangers in Egypt and said four other men were sentenced to up to eight years in prison in April for homosexual conduct.

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The media, particularly celebrity hosts of TV talk shows, routinely feed on stories about the arrest of homosexuals, taking the high moral ground and inciting authorities to do more to “cleanse” the streets.

Both Amnesty and HRW said in their Saturday statements that a total of 11 people had been arrested since the concert, held at an upscale mall in an eastern Cairo suburb.“These men should be released immediately and unconditionally — not put on trial,” said Najia Bounaim, Amnesty’s North Africa Campaigns Director.

Local fiction and films with homosexual characters are rare and typically accompanied by their share of controversy.

Scenes involving sex or displays of affection between same-sex couples in foreign movies are censored.

Grindr allows men to interact with each other using location data.

Hence, those interested in dating can view profiles of other users in their proximity.

However, if three users position themselves in different areas and agree on a common target it is possible to locate this one person, according to Synack.

The company provided The Post with a map it created to show that one only needs basic geometrical knowledge to track down users in any area.

"Any user who connects to Grindr in these countries will have their distance hidden automatically by default...

There are many more countries already being protected by this location change, and we will continue to add more to this list," the statement read. "On September 9, we were no longer receiving relative distances for users in Cairo, however, we did get notified that there were users nearby," Synack said in an e-mail to The Post, referring to Grindr's most recent security updates.

Germany's largest daily Sueddeutsche Zeitung reported Thursday that Grindr had apparently been used by Egyptian authorities to track down homosexuals -- an allegation which could not be independently verified by The Washington Post.