How to stop genuis updating

So I called BMW Customer Service, but the friendly customer care agent on the phone didn’t have a solution.

She mentioned that i OS 7 was just recently released and BMW didn’t have a chance to test it yet.

In the past, Bluetooth streaming got completely disabled upon connecting a phone via USB.

We picked up a 2016 BMW X4, and while it still doesn’t support Car Play, Bluetooth worked well in the beginning, and most Bluetooth audio issues have been resolved.

The 2016 BMW X4 has still some minor problems and lacks Apple’s Car Play technology, but at least BMW appeared to have fixed the following Bluetooth audio issues: You can now reliably stream audio via Bluetooth.

Unfortunately, that means that every time I connect my i Phone via USB Bluetooth audio gets disabled and I have to go through the settings manually to re-activate it, next time I want to stream audio via Bluetooth.

I hope BMW releases an update to the car’s firmware that automatically re-enables Bluetooth audio when the phone is connected via Bluetooth but not hooked up via USB.

In the past, audio streaming would not continue after completing a call on a connected phone.

And since there was no “Play” button on the X5, I had to resume audio streaming directly on the phone.I recently purchased the BMW snap-in adapter for the i Phone 5/5s (part # 84212351308) because I got sick of the USB cable tangling around in the compartment under the armrest. I could make phone calls, see the song title and album artwork of songs playing but I couldn’t hear any sound (only for calls).It took BMW around a year after the i Phone 5 was released to offer that adapter finally. It turned out that even after 1.5 years after the i Phone 5 was launched, BMW still doesn’t have a snap-in adapter available in the US that has the correct Lightning PIN configuration to transport music digitally.I have had major Bluetooth audio issues with my BMW and i Phone.In fact, the problem affected both a 2013 X5 and a 2016 X4.Long-pressing the Voice Command button on the steering wheel triggers Siri.