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This is the birth date that you entered when you first registered for a Gmail account, and the date that displays on your Google profile.Andrea Ruiz has written professionally for blogs, online entertainment magazines and television network websites for more than a decade.Most employers will request your date of birth to facilitate with background checks.Completing background checks on job applicants is now common practice by employers.When you initially register for a Gmail account, the registration form prompts you to enter your name, birth date and other identifying information to ensure that you meet the age requirement for having a Google account.

You can use the same Google account across all Google services such as You Tube, Google Plus and Google Calendar, some of which may rely on your personal information to tailor their services for you.There are also other occasions when it is necessary to know an employee’s age.For example, if there is a minimum age requirement for a job, the employer needs to know that you fit that requirement.Asking Indirectly Looking Online Snooping Around Community Q&A Forgetting a birthday can be embarrassing, especially if it's someone you're close to.If you feel too sheepish to ask for the date, but want to find it out without being too obvious, there's hope, if you know where to look and how to ask.Employers will generally keep this information separate from the candidate data that interviewers will access as part of the screening process in order to protect their organization from allegations of age discrimination.