Home dating ideas

Dinners out are nice, though we tend to have the same old conversations – usually about the kids! Not just for old ladies, bingo night at a bar is silly and fun.18. Find a roller rink or dance club with an ’80s night and relive your youth.19. Take night classes together and practice what you’ve learned over dinner. So recently, I talked him into signing up for dance classes at our local Arthur Murray studio.

One of you plans a secret date and the other must follow, even if it involves riding a motorcycle or getting on stage.25. So what if the one-hit-wonders are playing at the county fair? Learn how to create masterpieces while sipping cocktails.27. And try to figure out how the magician pulled that rabbit from his hat.28. Ride around town in style, holding hands and sipping champagne. My husband and I work so hard at parenting our two young children that we often feel more like friendly coworkers than romantic partners. The best way we know to keep our spark from flaming out is to never stop dating each other. Since we are both homebodies who can easily spend a long 4 day weekend bunkered down in our home, just the two of us, I thought it was time to create a list of staying in date ideas. Take turns asking each other fun, silly, deep, & meaningful questions.

(And in case you can’t tell, I’m wearing 2 long sleeved shirts, 2 jackets, 2 scarves, & gloves in this picture.) All I want to do is snuggle under a blanket with a good book & a hot drink & pretend nothing else in the world exists. And while I know my husband wouldn’t mind doing this with me every once in a while I know he enjoys & prefers many other ways to spend his free time. Have dinner delivered & dress up for dinner in the most romantic spot in your house complete with lots of romantic candles. Create a cd of your favorite music through the decades or that relates to your relationship. Pajama snuggle party sharing your dreams with your favorite hot beverage. Climb into bed early for a night of snuggly and talking. Create your favorite date night out dinner at home. Give each other messages with candles to set the mood for relaxation.

THE BOOK: Read the book that inspired the powerful TED talk and prompted author of “We’ve been counseling couples and writing marriage books for a long time, and we can say with absolute certainty, there has never been a book quite like The Argument-Free Marriage.

If you think no such union exists, or if you’ve come to the conclusion that arguments are necessary in marriage, allow Fawn to challenge that notion and set you on a path to creating the greatest partnership in life: your marriage.”Fawn Weaver is the USA Today and New York Times bestselling author of Happy Wives Club: One Woman's Worldwide Search for the Secrets of a Great Marriage, adopting the same name as the Club she founded in 2010.

Buy one thing for each other, one thing for your kid or parents, & one thing to share.

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Track down the tastiest eats on wheels — and enjoy something great from each one.30. Go the symphony, opera, or ballet, then download the music you heard to enjoy at home.31. Visit the planetarium, where it’s always a clear night.32. Splurge on tickets to a black tie gala and get dressed to the nines.