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The little gifts slipped into my hand, once I’ve purchased something.

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Well it’s been a little over six week since I left Brooklyn “to get my life” to travel to Southeast Asia.As of today I’ve spent 25 days throughout Vietnam, two weeks (too long) in Cambodia and 36 hours in Bangkok, Thailand…whoa!Black folks, my folks, those of us from the African diaspora, naturalistas, female travelers, curvy girls - I’m telling you to come on down — you’ll most likely receive more love than not — and real talk these Southeast Asians look like many of us.The full cheeks, broad noses, pouty lips, curvy hips, brown, brown, brown skin, that internal swag that people of color carry with them universally.In addition, before the space became available at 12 Chambers Street, she also operated Toggle Home as an online business for several years, as well as providing traveling trunk shows and pop-up stores.

Original Concept “It was always my hope to have my own place, however,” she notes, “and when this location became available, there was a whirlwind of activity to get ready.

As a professional Blogger, techie, writer and critic of pop culture and style — which results in me being a solo female traveler and entrepreneur in one — even Westerners are constantly curios as to what I do and how I do it. So some people couldn’t handle this and some could.

(Translation: “Honey, do you really make money off the Internet? I was also SPIRITUALLY PREPARED for this…so I find it funny …most of the time. If you follow me on Instagram you’ll see the photos I have of their homes, their food, their street life, the kids, the alleys, their monuments, their fashion, their decor, their homeless, their families, hell I probably would photograph the color of their poop just to see. Men and women alike give me freebies — from extra coffee to extra fruit to extra food to sometimes placing me in front of other customers.

Since its opening on April 10th, Toggle Home Monogramming & Design has already sold out of a number of items, and visitors to the shop are selecting a variety of monograms to personalize clothing, accessories, blankets, and furniture, among other items.

Customers are not only delighted by the extensive choices of monograms but also by the bright and cheerful decor of the shop.

As an African-American female from New York City who was partially raised in the South (Georgia standup!