Heightism and dating

Though its origin is much discussed and remains somewhat unclear, the term "heightism," discrimination based on height, and usually height, was coined in 1971 by sociologist Saul Feldman. There is no denying that shorter than average men are stigmatized in the media, workplace, and particularly relationships; .

When fighting over female companions, early humans possessing the ability to stand on two legs were able to deliver harder punches and therefore had better chances of winning the girl in a fight.

And they must know what they’re talking about, right?

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Many avoid wearing heels and assume that shorter men wouldn’t be interested in them, and, to be fair, that’s often the case. These columns attempt to soften the blow by offering "reassuring" lines such as "height isn’t everything." Well, you just made it seem like it was in the profile, so ...

So just as men who are shorter are considered less desirable, taller women suffer from the same plight. Movies and TV shows fall back on the "short man" joke time and time again, one notable example being of colleague Ryan Seacrest, who is 5'7". Of course, not everyone feels that shorter men are less powerful, desirable, or attractive. Napoleon Bonaparte clocked in at 5'7" and remains one of the most powerful political figures of all time.

Literally so many important pop culture moments happened in 2008… by Caroline Phinney Just like the way a guy dresses says a lot about him, his underwear of choice says a lot about what he's like in the bedroom and how seriously he takes your relationship.

by Amanda Ross Is there any single moment more heartbreaking than the one in which the stylist turns you around and shows you your new horrible haircut and you have to smile through the tears and be like, "…I love it" because you're a huge pussy who's afraid of confrontation? And since guys never throw their underwear away — they wear them for so long, they literally disintegrate off of their body –…

This feels like a missed opportunity because, unlike other body image discriminations, the way short men are perceived and treated is rarely discussed.

Short men will seldom speak openly about how they feel because they are a) men and b) short.

While plenty of women do not find shorter men less attractive, a taller woman with a shorter man is almost always notable; reactions are generally not negative, but they nonetheless acknowledge the abnormality in a sort of "good for them" response. But statistics and even science can’t defend a stigma against shorter men.

Nonetheless, I don’t see the stigma going away anytime soon.

Yet just because heightism isn’t on a par with racism or homophobia, doesn’t make it unworthy of discussion.

In 2010 MP Simon Burns famously referred to John Bercow as a “stupid, sanctimonious dwarf” and Bercow uses this comment as an example of short prejudice in action. When someone violently disagrees with you, don't be surprised if your physique comes under scrutiny.

Height prejudice is also not in any way equivalent to homophobia because no one is ever going to argue that being diminutive is a "lifestyle choice" or try to curtail one’s right to be short whilst in public places.