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Click the ICE logo to submit your evaluation on this campground directly to the responsible department.11/26/2017 I've only been here a week so far, I don't have nothing bad to say yet, because i think this is a great place, I have stayed in this park several times short term, this is my first year long term.The only thing I wish is that the staff had or provided more information about what's avaible to you while you are in the park, they gave me information about the internet but it was very vague and not to accurate.This man exemplifies the employees at the DMV and has no business working with the public.

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The idea that a person can stay for the "season" is a bit odd.

There are a few permanent homesteaders that have allowed their items to grow beyond their boundaries.

Between 06 hrs, Monday - Friday, RV's are required to enter the Tanker Gate Way. For the Tanker Gate, take a right on Interbay and go to Tanker Way. If office is closed park in the corner lot and dry camp overnight. ---- Note: RVs cannot ENTER the Dale Mabry gate M-F from 0600-1400.

When approaching Mac Dill on Dale Mabry, the Dale Mabry (Main) gate is in front of you. The FAMCAMP office is back in the parking lot on the left as you enter the recreation area.

He said there was nothing else he could do he had to go with what the electrician told him.

Long story short I plugged into empty sites around me for the 2 weeks I was there.It is a shame that CG facilities are being so junked up.The sites themselves are very nice and mowed as needed. They tell you there is wifi-but I've never met anyone who was able to access it. We have stayed at this RV location many times as it is in our own back yard and we keep our pontoon in a slip nearby.Unfortunately, MWR recently took some of the campground parking directly adjacent to camp sites and designated it an "asset disposal" area. There are old BBQ trailers that are no longer used by the post.It is hard to believe that the post commander allowed a designated junkyard on the CG.There is a chaplain's trailer that is sitting half in the brush and looks like it hasn't been used in a decade.