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Next year, a Greek life Diversity and Inclusion taskforce will be launched for that purpose.“We contacted universities across the country and found, to some extent, we are above the curve,” Walsh said.

She said this reduces the liability and risk of hosting many potentially non-Greek students, who could be the ones destroying the reputation of Greek life.Another suggestion: reduce the amount of hard liquor at Greek parties.“The one thing that’s different today that we didn’t have to deal with 10 or 15 years ago is the 24/7 instant visual of party,” she said.“For those of you who saw ‘I’m Shmacked’ and how quickly that went around and how many views it got — now you’re a 10th grader looking at the schools you want to go to and you type in the University of Michigan.“Some see you as giving back to the community and others see you as sucking the life out of the community.

Some see only the worst in you and others only the best.”Schlissel said the issues described are best dealt with at the student-leadership level because students are more willing to cooperate with the changes if they are promoted by fellow members of Greek life.U of M’s admissions tour had like 70,000 (views) and the ‘I’m Shmacked’ had 800,000 who’s doing your recruiting and does that change the way people decide to come to schools?Blake Jones said the popularity of the 2012 “I’m Shmacked” video — which showcased and glorified the party scene featuring University students — ultimately casts a shadow over the institution.The result: potential students are drawn in for the wrong reasons or others are turned off for fear of a wild social scene.exclusive interview with The Michigan Daily on Sept. She said balancing this kind of negative picture of the University with more positive messages that better reflect the school’s values is increasingly difficult in the digital age.The first part of the plan requires all Greek organizations to participate in the Achievement Expectations Program, which mandates that all chapters record and submit to the University their philanthropic and service-hour achievements.