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History majors can pursue exciting careers as a lobbyist, journalist, campaign worker, researcher, or public relations specialist.

Assessments help students with identifying their strengths, skills, and talents related to various careers.

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For example, there are some careers where problem solving, critical thinking, decision-making, and analytical skills are important.

The assessments will NOT pick out your future career for you, but they will help you look at all of your options. Workshops are offered every month related to career exploration.

The Agreement will address the following: Kate Shirey holds a Bachelor of Arts from SUNY Cortland and a Masters of Science in Student Affairs Administration from Binghamton University. Shirey is currently serving as the Acting Director for Career Development at St. With a decade of experience helping students realize their career potential, she is passionate about building equitable and inclusive programs that empower St.

Mary's students and leverage their liberal arts skills.

The Career Center keeps an updated binder of jobs that are available both on-campus and off-campus.

There is also a Career Center bulletin board outside of the Counseling Office where updates are posted.Many students don’t realize that Sacramento City College has a CAREER CENTER! But do you want to be a civil, architectural, mechanical, biomedical, aeronautical, chemical, computer, or electrical engineer?If you want to learn about engineers (or hundreds of other careers), the Career Center can show you online resources to help you research your area of interest.The Career Center has computers for students to research careers, to search for jobs, and to work on their resumes. ) There is also a fax machine to send your job application and resume to employers.Finding a job can be overwhelming, especially when you aren’t sure where to look.Award applications will be reviewed and a nominee chosen by the following selection criteria: The progress cited in the quarterly reports should mirror the timetable outlined in the grant proposal.