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Aside from jacking vehicles driving around, there is plenty of parking along the streets of the city for regular vehicles and certain locations for the special or rare ones.Most of these locations are obvious such as police cars at police stations or helicopters at the airport.There are many twists and turns throughout the story with some decisions coming down to you.

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If you become a member you'll have the ability to comment on almost all content on the website, you'll be able to submit your own content and you'll even be able to start unlocking website achievements! Oh yeah, if you register, this annoying message will disappear!That incident appears to have been a setup by one or two surviving men so Niko travels to America in order to track down these men for revenge while escaping many other people for various reasons.You'll be shown the controls which are similar but different from past GTA games.You'll also be introduced to the radar in the lower corner of the screen.Niko's contact in the USA is his cousin Roman who lives in Liberty City.

Roman says he is living the American Dream but Niko quickly finds out that isn't really true.Niko can date five different girls throughout the game.Michelle and Kate are girls that he meets while the story is in process, and the other three he meets through contacting them on the internet.Initially the bridges to Algonquin are closed due to a terrorist threat and accessing the far islands result in a wanted level.Like previous GTA games, vehicles and guns are the main focus of gameplay.Also note no matter how much of a mack you are Kate will never invite you in after a date.