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Touching up is cost-effective; when the paint layer starts to wear thin, re-applying two new top-coat layers is quick and easy.

Dear Swimming Pool Owner, If you are tired of scrubbing that rough, stained surface that is probably scratching the skin off your children's toes, and a swimming pool that is lately looking attractive only to the nearby frog colony, we have the epoxy pool paint solution that has already worked successfully for more than Swimming pool repairs have never been this easy.

Get rid of that porous and rough marble plaster or gunnite finish that is so easily stained and pitted. Our durable system will have your pool look like new again in no time.

Ensure you enquire about this specification when buying any product (read the datasheet if available).

Traditional indoor floor epoxy solutions sold as swimming pool paint is just not up to it!

We do not compromise on quality - our high-gloss, chemical-resistant Epoxy Swimming Pool Paint is unique (not derived from indoor floor epoxy formulations) and was specially formulated for submerged conditions to offer exceptional penetration, bond-strength, UV and chalk resistance.

It also offers 100% resistance against algae infestation.The final result was a smooth finish where algae could not stick.If any form of algae formed they could simply be wiped away by hand or the sucking power of the automatic pool cleaner.This is the most cost-effective solution to resurface and repair your swimming pool with long-lasting results.Also available in DIY Pool Paint packages, or we can refer you to one of the registered contractors to do the pool repair and resurfacing for you.It has now been During 2009, Rian confirmed he is still using his pool with the original epoxy coat still intact after 8 years! During 2010 Rian moved to a new home and we renewed his swimming pool at the new house in February 2011. That's not all; should you need to do pool repairs for whatever reason within the three year gauarantee period outside our guarantee conditions, we will replace product for you at our factory input cost level (no profit intentions) within the three year period.