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Understanding yourself, and knowing what you have to offer.

While a lot of my friends were in theatre and spending all their time reading Shakespeare, I was reading Stanislavski, Uta Hagen and Milton Katselas and splitting that time with going to Barnes & Noble and reading Variety and Hollywood Reporter, seeing who was who in the industry, knowing who the heads of the companies were, knowing who the best agents and managers were and who they represented, and who I would aspire to be with.

The creative route of things just really came on strong.I don’t know what it was, but maybe it was reading something like [Aldous Huxley’s novel] Brave New World, or reading [about] the concept of genetic engineering or something that really branched my mind off to a different place of wonderment.The character he’ll be playing would be a gift to any young actor: Dean Moriarty, based on Kerouac’s brilliant but self-destructive friend, Neal Cassady, one of the major figures of the Beat movement of the 1950s. “For the last three years now, [Salles and I have] been in constant communication with each other and ready to work on this project together,” he says. after graduating from high school in Arizona, and within a month, you landed a supporting role in Troy. Sometimes you don’t know what you’re supposed to do within the technicalities of things, like an audition process or even the filming process. after graduating, I parted ways with all my representation, and Troy was literally the first script I had gotten.“It’s getting damn near time.” And it’s damn near time more moviegoers got to know Garrett Hedlund. Is that just how your life goes, and do people hate you for it, or were you completely blindsided by good fortune? A., I had been flying back and forth from Arizona for auditions for two years, and I had flown back and forth for about twenty-five auditions. I’d been auditioning for two years, and I’d had representation. For all the auditions I went on, everybody in every one of the rooms looked like me, in one sense or another, and [I asked myself], “How are you going to separate yourself from all of this?He recorded several songs for the film including "Chances Are" which appeared on Country Strong: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack.

His performance was well received by critics; noting voice similarities between him and Charlie Robison, Roughstock said "the best song on this album belongs to him" and Country Weekly wrote that of all the songs performed by actors in this film, his was "the most convincing".At that point, Hedlund could have easily gone off the rails with too-much-too-soon excess.Instead, he kept working, landing parts in the adventure fantasy Eragon, the dysfunctional-family comedy Georgia Rule and the gritty thriller Death Sentence.In Legacy, filmed in 3-D, Hedlund stars as Flynn’s son, Sam, who infiltrates a computer in search of his dad.Bridges, who still remembers his days as an up-and-comer, took a shine to his young co-star. “I admired the way he embraced the physical, emotional and mythological aspects of his role.Most of them probably never even try, and those who do often have no idea what to expect once they arrive in Los Angeles. From the time he started high school in Arizona — where he moved from Minnesota with his mother following his parents’ divorce — Hedlund picked up modeling gigs while taking acting classes and studying the show-biz trade papers to learn about how the industry works. The more experience he acquired and knowledge he absorbed, the more impatient Hedlund became, until he finally got so antsy that he graduated a semester early to accelerate the pursuit of his dream.