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She has a gentle personality, and is kind even to the school’s sole male student. *giggle* I look forward to our acquaintence.” The game’s protagonist.

Masaya is the game’s protagonist, a 2nd year student in Final Course.

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Her title, ”Belle Epine,” means ”Beautiful Briar Rose.” It refers to both her great beauty and her aura of unapproachability. She is also violently opposed to reform -- not because she hates men, but because she views it as a violation of tradition. She’s Ayaka’s little sister, and ends up lecturing her from time to time, but clearly cares for her deep down. Neither changes to the school, nor you.” For one of the ”Maidens of Vincennes,” Ayaka has a surprisingly laid-back and fun-loving personality.Normally, 2nd year students are asked to head up the societies, but this year, it was Ritsuko who was chosen... But these quirks tend to lead to the other girls giving her the cold shoulder.Because of this, she doesn’t have a title, despite her great beauty and amazing figure.Instead, she’s simply known as ”The other Kitamikado.” Her preferences lie on the side of reform, but since she’s graduating this year, she’s not that invested in it.Even so, she has no experience with boys, and she’s an extremely late bloomer, so she can’t even look him in the eye when they talk.

She’s so shy that she can’t even pay attention during health classes.Fantasy Futanari Hardcore Historical Horror Hypnosis Incest Kemonomimi Maid Magic Monster Girl Mystery Near Future NTR Nurse Office Otome Post Apocalypse Puzzle Reverse Rape Romance School Scat Sci-Fi Simulation Slice of Life Suspense Tentacles Trap Western mansion Yuri 3rd Party Doujin English Origin Multi-OS Caramel Box minori Circus MOONSTONE New West Games Novectacle Kalmia8 Lilith propeller Tactics SCORE Liquid ACONITE parade PSYCHO Spicy Tail Tarte C’s Ware Portion Moe Novel Hentai Ind.Studio Lupiesoft Ame No Murakumo ammolite Appetite Atelier Sakura UMe SOFT Nyaatrap Zero Zigen Hunie Pot Anagura Unwonted Studio Liar-soft Frostworks Circletempo Culture Select Sierra Lee Multiworld Software Kyrieru Lached Up Games Noesis Pomera Studios St.Perhaps because of that upbringing, she sometimes seems ignorant about the wider world. She helps anyone she meets indiscriminately, and even befriends Chiho despite her outcast status. ”Masaya-san, you were my first...” (Translation: ”You’re the first boy I ever shook hands with”) Mitsuki is a 2nd year student in Final Course.Many of the girls at Vincennes are considered ”hothouse flowers,” but even among them, Ruriko appears shockingly sheltered. She and Rise used to be best friends, but lately, certain circumstances have forced them apart. Her name comes from her ”sisterly” relationship with the student council president, Marika.But despite her transcendent popularity, many find her difficult to approach due to her rather progressive ideals... When she meets the protagonist, she decides he’s the one she’s looking for and arranges his transfer.