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It’s expecting you to get the manual and set the time, and you never did.” So it goes with Io T devices, he says.

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One winter morning in 2015, as he left for work from his home in Silver Spring, Md., Jonathan Margulies pushed the button on his remote to close his garage door. They’re becoming increasingly important, and visible: In May, another good-guy hacker, an attentive 22-year-old in the U.

21, 2016, those challenges burst out of the shadows.

Three times that day, hackers launched attacks against Dyn, a company that reads the URL you type in a web browser and directs you to a webpage — a kind of digital phone book.

But searching for electronic fault lines is still second nature, even when he’s not at work.

“You can’t help trying to break things all the time,” he says. When they see cracks in the virtual world, they want to peek through to discover what’s on the other side. With a swipe on a smartphone, Margulies could operate the opener, and if he left the door open, the opener would send him a text. It’s particularly appealing to people like Margulies, who occasionally panic, in the crush of rush hour, that they’ve left their homes wide open and defenseless. They tend to be obsessive, passionate and sleep-deprived.It was the largest attack of its kind in history, but it won’t be the last.(May’s cyberattack, which spread to hundreds of thousands of users in 150 countries, used a different tack to hold computers hostage.) Turns out, Io T played an important role in the Dyn hack.Could it let him control the door while keeping hackers out?