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We do little good things for each other's families.

Do you want someone who can continue to act rationally when under-fire or someone who starts using name-calling and playground behaviour to try to avoid the confrontation altogether?So it's just something to bear in mind and watch out for (if you saying something now doesn't put future paid to it).Just try and be happy that you have found each other, and maybe talk to him about the gifts, tell him you'd be happy with meaningful gifts even if they're small but that it also shows his appreciation.He doesn't seem like a bad person and almost all relationships have arguments, but if you still miss him and care for him, and he for you, try speaking about this and setting a few boundaries for future reference Thank u all for your concern. Just follow on text with 'Didn't mean that, ignore me, I'm still upset'. He's not the ONLY one who over-reacts when pushed past a certain degree of upset, then, is he.No one can deny that you felt hurt by what he said, but sometimes people say things they don't mean.

He might've been offended, I think you just need to speak to him about this, but ask him to answer truthfully if he missed you in this absence, and if you miss him, then try to minor problem.

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(Don't you deliberately catch his, mind.) If he snubs you in response - let him.

Don't take it seriously and feel hurt, don't react, other than let yourself look like a mild mixture between confused, sad and resigned before calmly walking off (message then being: "Well, there's nothing *I* can do because I already tried and failed"). By doing this you're forcing him to be the one to have to initiate any meatier interaction, conversation or olive branch proffering, and at the same time are provably demonstrating how you always remain a strong, reasonable and self-controlled person, even under negative pressure, granted, but are still a goddess, thank-you-very-much, and he should damn well remember that, NOT think he's top billing and treat you accordingly.

Look, this argument wasn't the first time he met and spent any time with you, was it? He's just hurt and angry and having a giant man-sulk. Anyway, who told you this doesn't come under communication? (Or do you tend to play hostess and clean up after other people's parties? ) So don't do, as in initiate, anything or play his silly games.