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He refuses to admit the problem or seek out professional help. Jennifer and Brad have been married for five years.

Their relationship seemed stable, but Jennifer has noticed changes in Brad's behavior the past seven months. Most were easily explained and just as easily dismissed. Your husband's been coming home from work everyday for the past ten years at 5 p.m., but recently he's pushing the arrival time to 9 p.m. Or maybe he use to go out with pals once a week and now he's stepping out three to four times a week, acting secretive and jumpy. Practical traded in the mini-van for a Dodge Viper and you're no longer invited to ride along.

Occasionally there are reasons why you can't join him, but he should be making an attempt to involve you.

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He finds reasons not to participate in family events, needing to help a friend move or work out at the gym.He says he doesn't feel comfortable joining your family for a special dinner, but doesn't want you to stay home with him.That means no slapping, beating or physical intimidation. All partners, regardless of their sex, should support the one they love.Women are the most frequent targets by far: Every nine seconds a woman in the United States is being physically hurt by her husband or boyfriend. Everyone has a set of boundaries of acceptable behavior. If the person you care about the most doesn't believe in you, you'll have a hard time believing in yourself.While you won't be able to come up with a convincing reason to justify an affair (at least one that satisfies your partner), you can reduce the chances of getting caught, and thereby limit the need to spew such pathetic excuses.

What follows are tips I've gathered from the private eyes at ISG who specialize in cheating spouses, my wife (who claims she has cheated on all of her partners excluding me), and my own dabblings at the edge of desire. Admit that you went over to a male co-worker's house for a drink.

He says it's against company policy to bring you along.

Or, regardless of "buy one, get one free" airline and hotel specials, he says, "we can't afford" to extend his business trip into a mini-vacation for both of you.

Unfaithful partners may leave the house right after their shower, just to have breakfast with someone else. He says he has to take a business trip, even though his company's travel budget has been slashed.

Business trips that use to be short now start on Friday and require an entire weekend because he says he likes get settled in his hotel room and use the alone-time to prepare for Monday's presentation.

His job and his paycheck are the same but his workload seems to have doubled. And why won't he discuss the details of that huge, time-consuming project he's now on?