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– by pope zaphodapparently in the small print it says u may not receive your ipod. as someone above pointed out, you don't get something for nothing so don't be fooled.

– by yeah u heard metoo hard to believe, i better waste my time on programming rather than trying to get 5 people to join just to get a free ipod.

after the free trial has ended you can easily cancel and receive your free ipod in the post.

many people have been sceptical of such a scheme due to the many matrix or pyramid schemes seen on ebay and around the web also offering free ipods.

they have several other sites including, and even

gratis make their money from the actual companies they send customers to receiving a lump sum for everyone that signs up.

a new site has popped up on the internet called that surprisingly has seen little business until recently.

it does exactly what it says on the tin and offers surfers a brand-new free ipod. well, it's pretty minimal actually; all you have to do is sign up to one of a number of free trials to services such as aol or realnetworks and also get 5 friends to do the same.

in the end, you “may” receive a free ipod ( i am sure there will be some caveat/trick like they will say one of your friends supposedly didn't fullfill their part of the bargain ), but the hassle of having to cancel services (which will try very hard to sucker you back in) and receiving lots of crap in the mail is not worth it really.

i got a free subscription to the newspaper for a month 2 years ago, and after canceling that subscription, i still get about 2 phone calls a week asking if i want the service again. i'm having people sign up for the video professor offer (free turorial cd of their choice for .95 shipping) and then refunding their shipping.

pointing out spelling errors rather than actually posting an opinion on the subject may be quite geeky, but so am i. – by ollyby giving your address up front (email and home) and asking 5 other friends to do the same, this basically gives them a huge spam and junk snail mail database (probably the true motivation of this company), then you start getting tons of junk mail and spam delivered to you.

also, by registering in any of the trial service, also addes your name, phone number, address, email to a growing list of dupes.

i assume your post was in jest, but if not there is still costs in the software (remember in economics costs are not only in the color of $$$). perhaps you didn't read the 'how it works' agreement.