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The apex of the system was to be the Bank for International Settlements in Basle, Switzerland, a private bank owned and controlled by the world's central banks which were themselves private corporations...

- - BY CARROLL QUIGLEY, 1966 - - This is a great video to show friends or whomever is ignorant or in doubt regarding the New World Order and the One World Government.

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Hopefully, people will wake up and be able to stop this insanity before the list is complete! - People who believe that there is no major world conspiracy which involves a small number of people manipulating humanity through a hierarchical structure of control toward a New World Order, all have one identical factor in common.

- - 1984USA,com - PNAC Rebuilding America's Senses DL Lecture with Daniel Abrahamson [Video: ] - Ever heard of Daniel Abrahamson? They have, in actual fact, not looked genuinely into the abundance of well-researched information on world conspiracy to see if there is one!

If you have any questions about how the New World Order works and how we can be controlled by the few, the answers are more than likely being produced here!

I would go so far as to say that if you miss this opportunity you may never be able to (or it would be very difficult to) grasp the whole picture how the Illuminati set up the Matrix and how they keep us trapped here. - Believe it or not, America is engaged in a war for its very survival!

Wes Penre - - (Posted here: Apr 02, 2006) The New World Order - What Is It? At present it is a subtle, invisible, but very real war.

This war is not about bullets and bombs, but about the absolute control of information and the way we think, an unceasing war of conflicting words and ideals, their causes and their effects upon our character as a nation.I do not have the time of the research facilities to verify the entire story. Day, he was relatively free to speak about what was once strictly withheld because everything is in place and nobody can stop us now.However, to prevent wide distribution, no recordings or notes were allowed.He suggested that there could be negative repercussions against him if his remarks became widely publicized.In 1988, after years of compiling what he remembered, Dr.and United States Senators would be clamoring for his deportation that he...