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If you do, then you’ll turn smutty fast and that’s not going to help you seduce a girl.It really doesn’t matter if she asks you to or not.So you need to lay off the indicators of impatience or you will lose when all is said and done.

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In our fast paced world texting is the norm, one of the tippy top forms of communication in the dating world.And when you know how to push the right buttons virtually, you open the door of opportunity to seduce the girl of your liking. When you learn the art of letting the girl use her imagination, you are definitely on the right track.Let your texting be the eyes to predict what her room might look like.Think about what she might be wearing and what she is doing while in her room, but never ever go overboard!She’s likely already texting with a few so you need to take action to get yourself noticed.

Be Safe: When you are communicating by text, your best move is to text first about some of the things you talked about in your face to face conversation.

Seriously, this is where many guys totally screw up big time! However, if you go too far, it can totally backfire.

Bottom line, if you can make a girl sincerely belly laugh with your text messages, you are in the winners circle.

Short and sweet does the trick if you really want this girl to become putty in your hands.

Try to keep your mind out of the gutter here, but when you ask your girl to keep her phone on vibrate, you are combing the senses for full effect.

When a girl is in front of you, it’s tough to muster up the courage to seduce her.