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In addition to pregnancy monitoring, sonogram technology also offers many other new diagnostic advances such as the ability to easily identify cancer tumors in the bladder, and to tell whether the liver is enlarged. Local wireless telephone networks These systems significantly reduce communication delays.

Not only is this type of communication technology being utilized between nursing staff, but also between patients and staff, changing the dynamics of the relationship between patients and their nurses. Hands-free communication devices Hands-free devices such as Vocera’s Call Badge provide the ultimate in communication while a nurse is engaged in active patient care or associated tasks. Communications options It is not uncommon for patients and nurses (and doctors) to communicate via e-mail or even web cam; a practice that is becoming common for parents of children in neo-natal intensive care units. Patient remote monitoring In addition to high-tech and ultra-sensitive vital signs monitoring equipment, web cams and other technologies make the close monitoring of multiple patients much easier, changing how environments are staffed and operated. RFID technologies RFID-enabled devices make monitoring hospital assets easier, ranging from drugs and equipment to records and patients.

Anyone who has been in the nursing field for an extended period of time will tell you that a lot has changed.

But what are the technologies responsible for this monumental transformation?One nursing professional – and author of a site called The Nurse Lady- offers these 19 technologies that changed nursing forever. Electronic IV monitors There was a time when IVs had to be administered with a nurse’s constant attention to ensure a steady flow.Gone are the days when a nurse had to measure blood pressure manually.According to one nurse, this is the technological change that makes the biggest daily difference. Information management As computer technologies become the primary means of managing patient information, nurses have had to adapt their record-keeping practices and increase their computer skills.Manual IVs were highly sensitive to a patient’s movement and the flow of the IV could be sped up or slowed to a crawl by a subtle movement.

To prevent this, nurses had to directly administer an IV from beginning to start.

FNU requires that all students own a laptop and a mobile device, and have a high speed Broadband Internet connection.

Although it is suggested that students obtain the highest quality products available to them, the following are the minimum technology requirements for the program.

Macintosh: Voice Over (latest version for Safari) PC: JAWS (latest version for Internet Explorer) PC: NVDA (latest version for Firefox) There is no screen reader support for Canvas in Chrome Courses at FNU are enhanced with media enhanced with media that can be downloaded to your mobile device.

Additionally, your coursework will involve using applications on these devices, and they will be utilized in your clinical rotation.

Therefore it is required for students to own a mobile device so that they may take advantage of these offerings.