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It is used to maintain and upgrade the school’s facilities but is waived for students who hold a corporate seat.

This means that a Year 1 student’s fee for first year enrollment would be 113,169 AED.

The school has also recently introduced a one-off Capital Fee of 22,000 AED paid at the time of entry.

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“Students had very positive and responsible attitudes towards each other and their learning.They were confident and independent, and even from a young age were self-reliant. Students were frequently seen supporting each other, offering to help or working things out together.Admission to the school is based on the approval of ASD’s Admissions Committee and a student successfully meeting the admission criteria, including assessments in varying forms depending on grade level.At school, students sit a number of external examinations: SATs, PSATs, Measures of Academic Progress (MAPs), Advanced Placement examinations (AP), and the American College Tests (ACT) in which they do very well. Which School likes very much both the transparrency and the clear focus the school puts on teacher recruitment, and salaries to ensure a high retention rate.According to KHDA, “Parents were very positive about the care and support that their child received in the school and the high quality of classroom instruction” (2016) which is part of why ASD is such a popular choice for parents looking for an American-based curriculum school for their children.

Inline with their mission of offering “what is best about American education to provide learning experiences designed to promote the maximum potential of its students, “ ASD offers a wide variety of sports throughout the year, including volleyball, soccer, swimming, basketball, cross country, tennis, badminton, softball, track and field.The KHDA praises the school’s ethos with “outstanding behavior of students at all grade levels, and with caring and supportive interactions observed between students and adults throughout the school.” In regards to students with education needs and disabilities (SEND), KHDA found that “most students received appropriate academic support in class, or in the learning support center, and made good academic progress in almost all lessons inline with expectations” (2016).What stops the American School of Dubai from attaining an Outstanding ranking is because it does not require students to take Arabic beyond grade 5, nor does it currently provide Islamic Studies as part of its curriculum thereby not complying fully with Mo E curriculum.School leaders reinforced the value in promoting their school’s innovation practice through the personalization of learning, inspiring each student to be creative” (2016).Two-thirds of students come from the United States and Canada, with a further 60 nationalities represented and the largest nationality group of teachers is from the US.Note, this is WITHOUT the annual 12,484 AED Facility Fee that is used to fund the annual operation of facilities, utilities, and regular maintenance.