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On to Twin Bridges that crossed Spring Creek, where the water was so painfully cold that you couldn’t breathe for nearly ten minutes after jumping in.And then Low Water Dam where we’d steal away as teenagers to sneak a few beers.

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Techniques to correct problems and create special effects.Bring your camera, instruction booklet and laptop if you have one. Activity Leader: Larry Mc Daniel Donation: member .00, non-member .00 If you are ninety or more years old, come to the next meeting and be surprised by the energy and activities of the members. Sometimes an outing, dining in a restaurant, a guest speaker on a topic of interest or some type of entertainment. Public welcome - Open to all ages - Bring your friends and family!All you have to do is answer a couple of simple questions and you’re ready to go.Why get bogged down with inconvenient registration pages when you don’t have to? Dance routines incorporate tap, jazz, folk and Broadway style dancing into each dance routine.

We welcome all new comers with open hearts and minds. Activity Leaders: Wanda Kocina, Lois Duncan, Jack "JR" Roberts & Gerry Boyes Donation: member .00 non-member .00 This workshop is a performance group that works on dance routines that will be incorporated into the Choraliers' bimonthly performances.When you picture in your mind a small rural community, you’ll likely envision a narrow main street lined with some barber shops and beauty salons, a burger joint that serves some of the world’s best ice cream, a bank, an insurance agent and probably an auto mechanic’s shop or two. Most of my favorite memories in life go back to that little town.If so, you’ve pretty much just described Locust Grove to a tee. From the annual Founder’s Day Parade where the whole town showed up to celebrate with live music, old cars, and Indian tacos. Come join the Choralier family for lots of fun, laughs and pure pleasure that singing and dancing do for the mind, body and spirt.Dances are done in lines or circles, with people holding hands, or individually, in couples or pairs, or larger groups There are literally hundreds to choose from, each melody having its own dance, like words to a song.Quaint, friendly, nosy, helpful, caring, supportive. To Charlie’s In-N-Out store, where I would walk to buy candy, or a Dr Pepper in a real glass bottle.