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He relayed, "The thing that I wanted more than anything was to convey confusion – if Craig could go and sleep with John Paul and afterwards the audience can say 'hold on a minute – maybe he's not gay'… It was talked about for a long while and I felt uncomfortable with the idea because I didn't think it was justifiable.

If I've provoked that question, then I've reached the goal I wanted to reach. I thought 'how can you make a straight guy who's a bit of a cheeky chappy, loves the girls and has a sort of camp sense of humour, gay?

And so, as they flew off to Dublin together, they kissed in front of a holiday poster of a sunset. " Burnet cited his appreciation for the show giving him a unique character to portray, while maintaining the distinct difference between John Paul's sexuality and Craig's."I really appreciate the freedom and the opportunities that they've given me to really make something different of this storyline, not just the conventional 'coming out' storyline – it's been a sexual confusion storyline," he stated.Whoever says that they're completely different is lying because it's your face, its your expression – it is you." In regards to whether or not he became comfortable with portraying Craig's sexual attraction to John Paul, Burnet clarified: "Even towards the end, it was always difficult for me…You've got to remember that the room is full of people and it's not so much that which bothers you, but you're sitting there and – this isn't meant in a homophobic way – I just didn't feel comfortable doing it.Burnet has won and been nominated for several awards for this role.

Burnet departed the role in September 2007 and returned to the show on 3 September 2008 in a storyline which saw Craig secure a "sunset ending" with John Paul Mc Queen (James Sutton).If I'm confused, in turn Craig is confused and so is the audience – that's the way I see it." Burnet was at first against the writers decision to have Craig become romantically involved with another male character. '" Burnet stated that he sat down with the producers of the series."It was sitting with Bryan and the other producers, discussing it and saying 'right, if we're going to do this, it's not a story about a character being gay, it's a story where we have to justify the guy's sexual confusion – why is he like this?However, nothing happens in the relationship after Craig discovers that she is using him in order to make her ex-boyfriend, Lee Hunter, jealous.Craig has a supportive side, which he uses when his sister, Steph, is attacked and is left with epilepsy by Toby Mills.However, despite the fact that Jacob Whitesides has been flirting publicly with Bea Miller for a while – he still dislikes the rampant fan speculation, branding it “annoying”.