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When comparing the certificate thumbprint provided by the WAP Server event with the one used by the AD FS certificate, I noticed they were completely different: If you look at all certificate thumbprints, you won’t find any starting with “50571..” mentioned in the WAP server event.After some research, I decided to do exactly what AD FS Event ID 276 says to do: Run the Install-Web Application Proxy cmdlet on the WAP server to re-establish trust between AD FS and WAP: The command above re-installs the correct certificate on the WAP Server.Now I'll discuss some of the improvements made to the troubleshooting tools for Windows Server 2012 failover clusters and show you how to take advantage of those tools.

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All the new tests for Server 2012 clustering are in bold: Except for the Storage tests, all the tests can be run at any time because they aren't disruptive to the cluster.Let's explore how to take advantage of the Validate a Configuration Wizard.This is stored in an internal, protected store so you won’t see it in any of the usual certificate stores.What you see in the local machine store is the initial temporary certificate thumbprint used while the proxy trust is first being established.This can also happen when you move your VM’s configuration to another storage – as was my case!

When attempting to create a new artifact package via the Release Automation Plugin for Jenkins, package creation fails, and the following error is found in the nolio_dm_all.log: [http-nio-8080-exec-17] ERROR (com.nolio.releasecenter.controllers.

When trying reach the web application, access was completely down.

When looking at the Event Viewer on lapwap I noticed the following event: The AD FS Server says it’s not possible for WAP to authenticate, and that there is something wrong with the certificate between both servers.

Error = 8202, msg: Failed to create cluster name CLUSTER on DC \DC. You review the events in the Failover Clustering-Client/Diagnostic log, and see the following: Event ID: 56 Level: Warning Description: Async Notification Callback (1463): Api Get Notify on h Notify=0x0000000021EBCDC0 returns 1 with rpc_error 0 Event ID: 2 Level: Error Description: SCMState Notify (837): Repost of Notify Service Status Change failed for node 'Node X': status = 1168 Although their wording is a bit on the cryptic side, the descriptions give you the information that you need.

The description for the first event tells you that a remote procedure call (RPC) error occurred.

Another helpful troubleshooting tool that you can use is the Validate a Configuration Wizard in Failover Cluster Manager.