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A themed gift in a jar can be anything from a group of similar items like a spa in a jar, to a gathering place for love notes in a jar to a get well soon jar filled with treats.With Valentine’s Day on the way, now is the time to start thinking of DIY gift ideas!

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However, she won gold in the next three Olympic Games and developed a huge legion of fans.

She later moved into films, where she greatly increased the popularity of her sport.

He had been on several dates since he and Alice had agreed to part ways, not all of them entirely successful.

”Harry looked up from the bench, where he and what felt like several hundred other people were trying to get into their ice skates, and saw Naomi, his date, looking all doe-eyed at a group of red-faced toddlers in ear muffs who were fighting over a large plastic penguin.“Adorable,” he smiled, feeling guiltily glad – not for the first time – that his marriage had broken up and he had been permitted re-entry into the ordered, childless world of complete self-interest.

Tonight, she was in a huge, white fur coat, skintight leather jeans, cashmere leg warmers and a gash of red lipstick.

Any skin uncovered by clothes was bedecked in jewellery.Rings on her fingers, bells on her toes and a pretty diamond twinkling in her neat little nose.It was she who had invited him on this trip to the opening night of the Somerset House ice rink.Then, put little clues and useful things pertaining to that date into a jar.These jars can be gifts for men or women, husband or wife, boyfriend or girlfriend. For the outside decoration, I made a vintage felt ice skate.It was contested at the 1908 London Games and again in 1920 in Antwerp.