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If you're really serious about buying a Rolex it's worth taking the time to visit an authorized Rolex dealer. And who knows, they might have a trade in deal to offer.

So with an authorized dealer, the safety rating is high, but the value rating is lower.

Plus a good jeweler or watch dealer will provide you with their own guarantee and warrantee. "Pre-owned," that just means it ain't new anymore. Don't trust your own eyes to find the details we'll be looking for.

Everything from their design, to their custom movements to the price screams quality.

And it's because of this outrageous popularity that makes Rolex watches one of the most copied brands around.

While these copies were mostly sold on city streets by shady operators, there's a whole host of companies that have cropped up on the Internet that deal exclusively in high quality, Rolex replica watches.

At Great Guy Life we strive to give you the best info that even professionals sometimes don't know.

With so much of your money riding on the deal we want you to find the perfect Rolex that's just right for you.

And there's nothing worse than discovering days, months, or even years later that the timepiece you forked over serious cash for is a phony. Fortunately, we've gotten the inside scoop from Rolex dealers, master watchmakers, and yes, fake makers, and can give you some tips that could save you both big bucks and big heartaches.

But how do determine whether that shiny monster in your hands is the real Mc Coy?

There's probably no other watch on the planet that garners the amount of admiration as Rolex watches.

If they look like the fender of Uncle Ralph's '71 Gremlin - hold your nose, cuz that sucker smells fishy.

Tip #4 - Smooth is Good, Choppy is Bad A dead giveaway for most Rolex rip-offs is that second hand.

That's how it can sustain such intense underwater pressure.