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They built fences across the roads leading out of Detroit and tore up the bridges.Some Detroit people who went to a tavern in Rochester were turned into the street and had their baggage thrown out after them.The hospital has not been a feature of the American frontier; nor has the professional nurse been a pioneer figure.

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The county allowed him 16 cents a day for the care of the inmates; but the actual cost was about double that amount, for provisions were hard to get, and labor was scarce, owing to the departure of many people from the city.There were more than 100 inmates of the poorhouse, and sixty of those were invalids.“There were no nurses to keep up treatments after the doctors had left to hurry to the next sufferer, so Fr.He also enlisted an Irish ditch digger named John Canaan to act as official grave digger, and procured a horse and two-wheeled cart for him with which to gather up the sick and bring them to his church and to carry away the dead each morning from the improvised hospital and the homes about town.It is said that in the worst period of the plaque, the total deaths in one day numbered thirty-six.“The Presbyterian Church, at the northeast corner of Woodward Avenue and Larned Street, was also utilized as a cholera hospital; and there Dr.The earliest hospital in the city of Detroit to have a continuous existence is St. It is the earliest in the state of any operating under private management. Vincent de Paul, began this work in an old log building at the southwest corner of Larned and Randolph Streets, which the Sisters of St. Sisters were the nurses, and operating expenses were met by popular subscription. A second material advance is marked by the date November 21, 1879, when an additional building was occupied that had been erected at a cost on ,000 on ground worth ,000.

Clare had used for a schoolhouse in the previous decade. The hospital made early provision for contagions cases, and cared for cholera victims in 1849. This accommodated 130 inmates and the older building was reserved mainly for out-patient purposes.Something more spacious and better equipped must have been provided before 1812, when cholera visited Detroit as an incident of the war with England.Cantonment surgeons handled the scourge and the mortality was almost entirely among the soldiers.Wayne County had been authorized to establish and operate a poorhouse two years before the General Law; although immediate action did not follow.And it was specified that the directors might admit lunatics and other diseased persons, if the disease were not contagious.In the lack of other provisions for their care, Bishop Resé placed the Sisters of St. Most of the inmates were brought to the institution by Fr.