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And for those of you who asked or for anyone who might be interested, here’s a selection of Rob’s music. We went up to London on Tuesday for a couple of scans and the first thing to say is that – amazingly – there continues to be no sign of cancer in Rob’s body.

No one can be sure why that’s the case or what exactly is working its magic, but his oncologist said that with the particular pancreatic cancer diagnosis that Rob had it’s almost unheard of to have gone so long without relapse. Given the aggressive nature of this type of cancer, though, it is certainly too early to consider him cured, so he will continue on the chemotherapy and other medicines for now.

If you’d be interested in coming you can find more info on the Teachings page.

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I dropped a few of the drugs I had been taking before but added a few new ones too, so am still on a combination of many medicines (both mainstream and alternative) and many of them are ‘experimental’.

Physically I am feeling quite well at the moment, but because the side-effects of the chemo tend to accumulate over time – and in fact I am already noticing marked effects on my digestion and on energy levels – I thought it wiser not to try to teach the November Solitary month-long retreat at Gaia House this year.

Unfortunately, because of his willingness to try experimental treatment protocols – the very reason, given my prognosis, that I chose him as my doctor – my regular oncologist is under investigation by the GMC, and so not able to work at present.

This has meant that my scans were postponed a couple of times, and getting treatment for the last little while has been quite difficult.

For details on the daily/weekly sit see the post from 23rd August.

For teaching news and updates go to the Teachings page.

He’ll be given another drug to help treat the osteoporosis, though the prognosis isn’t exactly clear with that, and he’s waiting now also to see what can be done with his heel.

Sadly, on the drive up to London we were involved in a car crash.

I feel quietly awestruck, baffled even, by all that is given to me, inexplicably, undeservedly, in the mystery of grace.

With much love, appreciation, and gratitude to each and every one of you, Rob Hi everyone, Just wanted to let you know about a possible soulmaking sangha gathering with Rob and Catherine in February 2018.

Very happily the scans, two years to the day after the operation that removed the tumour, showed no signs of any active cancer.