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Even pro skateboarder Tony Hawk turns up as--what else? Talking."), but he's having fun doing it.--Ellen A.

--a pro skateboarder who's killed while motion-capturing himself for a video game. Kim The third season of CSI Miami began very much in the same vein as the second, despite a major change in the cast.

At times, the series could become a bit sanctimonious.

The ocean and skies are shown in azure blue, while most of the exterior scenes in the city use orange and yellow shades.In this respect, CSI Miami draws from the 1980s series Miami Vice, noted for its innovative color schemes.The biggest problem with the show is its repetitiveness.Five minutes of each show are spent just watching the team members looking through microscopes and examining fingerprints.The third season of CSI: Miami kicks off with the episode "Lost Son", in which the team of criminologists races to find an abducted child while dealing with the loss of one of their own people.

It's a good start, and the rest of the season continues in much the same way.

He also may have the biggest love for over-the-top dramatic pauses on television ("Because. The cast had settled comfortably into their roles, although some of these remained undeveloped.

For the most part, the dialogue was designed to highlight David Caruso, who exudes a combination of virtue and professionalism. Episodes like Crime Wave and Pirated go overboard in showing waterlogged bodies.

The best thing in CSI: Miami is Caruso, who gets more yardage out of Horatio Crane than the other CSI franchise leads. Otherwise, the series had evolved both a successful formula and an effective visual style.

As a detective, he isn't restricted to swabbing people's mouths but gets to pull out a gun and strong-arm suspects. The formula, derived from the original CSI, involved one or two cases per episode, both decided primarily by the evidence.

Instead of replacing Cochrane with a colorful new character, however, he's replaced by replicas of the other shows.