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The bride and groom have hired private security to patrol the property during Saturday’s reception, and they have gone to great lengths to make sure interlopers know they’re not welcome.

She has two siblings named Jonathan Cuthbert and Lee-Ann Cuthbert. She moved to Los Angeles at the age of 17 in order to pursue her career in acting and modeling.Elisha began her career as a model at the age of nine, modeling children’s clothing and footwear.Her protective instinct toward unloved hockey players is touching, but it is a stretch to imagine even the most rabid Leaf fan causing a fuss on Saturday.Over two days of interviews with locals, the only person to mention Mr. As for the celebrity gawkers, Islanders may be tickled by the idea that a bit of Hollywood is dropping in, but Ms.While some residents daydream about the “movie stars” who will be coming to town, others dread the onslaught’s impact on their peaceful corner of the world.

Aubrey Bell, whose home and art gallery are next door to the Phaneuf estate, was posting No Trespassing signs this week to dissuade anyone who might be tempted to cut through his fields to get a peek. “The rumours that we’ve heard lead us to believe that there is a possibility of unwanted traffic here. From a hilltop, the marram grass on the distant Cavendish dunes beckons. On Saturday, that tranquility is going to be shattered as a made-in-Canada celebrity wedding takes over the town. The winner drove home with ; second place won a toonie.Phaneuf’s overtime gaffe was a very mild-mannered retiree leaving the low-stakes game of Auction 45 at the New London Hall. Cuthbert is unlikely to attract many members of the A-list crowd.“He just stood there,” Walter Giovannini said of Mr. In any case, people here say it is not the Island way to hassle the rich and famous. “It wouldn’t be an Islander who would crash.” That sentiment was shared at the Island Stone Pub in Kensington, another popular Phaneuf haunt. Phaneuf wrote on the establishment’s wall of fame last year. Cuthbert added.) “You don’t get people hounding celebrities here,” one patron, Mark Wall, said this week.But for one day on Saturday, a bit of the glamour and the headaches associated with a big metropolis will arrive. “I hope they appreciate the simplicity of the Island,” she said.