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Finally, I wish to thank Gerrell Drawhorn ([email protected]) who has provided a copy of his 1994 paper for inclusion at this site. In 1912 Charles Dawson discovered the first of two skulls found in the Piltdown quarry in Sussex, England, skulls of an apparently primitive hominid, an ancestor of man.Piltdown man, or Eoanthropus dawsoni to use his scientific name, was a sensation.

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Simply double-click the downloaded file to install it.Update Star Free and Update Star Premium come with the same installer. In April of 1996 there was an extended discussion in the news group about the Piltdown man hoax. ] [Myths] [People] [References] [Web Sites] This is the home page for Piltdown man, a paleontological "man who never was".He was the expected "missing link" a mixture of human and ape with the noble brow of Homo sapiens and a primitive jaw. As the years went by and new finds of ancient hominids were made, Piltdown man became an anomaly that didn't fit in, a creature without a place in the human family tree. Piltdown man was a hoax, the most ancient of people who never were. My principal source for the original version of this page is Ronald Millar's The Piltdown Men.

This book is an account of the entire Piltdown affair from beginning to end, including not merely the circumstances but the general background of the paleontology and evolutionary theory with respect to human ancestry during the period 1850-1950.1921 -- Osborn and Gregory "converted" by Piltdown II. 1934 -- Ramapithecus discovered 1935 -- Many (38 individuals) Peking man fossils have been found. 1937 -- Marston attacks Piltdown age estimate, cites Edmonds.1921 -- Rhodesian man discovered 1923 -- Teilhard arrives in China. 1941 -- Peking man fossils lost in military action. 1948 -- Woodward publishes The Earliest Englishman 1949 -- Fluorine content test establishes Piltdown man as relatively recent.In 1856 the first Neanderthal fossil discovery was made and the hunt was on to find fossil remains of human ancestors.In the next half century finds were made in continental Europe and in Asia but not in Britain.1924 -- Dart makes first Australopithecus discovery. 1951 -- Edmonds report no geological source for Piltdown animal fossils.