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I like to be active or not, I love to travel & explore new places, people & things.

The internet isn't just about Google and Facebook, you know.

Meet An “These incarcerated female and male inmates are paying a price for crimes they have committed.” You know they're a catch, because the law's already caught them! ” See also conjugalharmony.com, not least for the hilariously bondage homepage picture. Do not be misled by the earlier Muddy Matches site: this is not for people who enjoy long walks so much as it is for fans of the popular science fiction series Star Wars.Makes you wonder if those poor insane women who used to write love letters to Peter Sutcliffe and so on were just ahead of their time. Oh, and the testimonial: “I finally found a wife with the perfect amount of freedoms and rights”, says Ed Williams, client. Only joking, before our servers are bombarded with emails: it's the other one, Star Trek.(No.) So here's a dating site, with real-world pictures and everything, to aid your search for nerdmance.Seek We're not going to link to this one; we're a family newspaper after all.Presumably it is almost exclusively populated by greasy-fingered middle-management types, wearing cheap suits and cheaper cologne, who are caught in the vice-like grip of a midlife crisis.

One imagines there must be some women on there too, of course, but it is hard to believe, somehow.Only about one in five applications get through, apparently, and several thousand users were kicked off after Christmas when they posted images of themselves having visibly put on a few holiday pounds.The author disapproves thoroughly, and not just because his application was inexplicably rejected.This is “the online dating and social networking community for country-minded, or 'muddy', people.” Or, if you like, the internet wing of the Countryside Alliance.Ooh, fox-hunty lady, as Jimi Hendrix might have sung if he wore Barbour jackets and voted UKIP.Sugar Well, this does exactly what it says on the tin.