Duitse eng chat rooms

The ECR is preferred by many for conversations because of its isolation from the rest of KGS.

The ECR, or also known as the English Chat Room, was a counterpart to the English Game Room on KGS.

Originally found under the main rooms, but now residing under social, this room was created to hold most of the off topic conversation on KGS, but the room has been vastly underutilised.

Rakshasa: IMO, you can't put 800 people in one room and expect any good results, even if most of them just want to play...

The Playing Room failed because it wasn't the default room you'd start your games in... Grindel: Maybe I'm now considered a troll or wutever.

For those who can't tolerate any off topic discussion, may I suggest that you simply use private chat, or maybe *gasp* play a game. It reminds me of some stupid arguments about Iraq war in English rooms some monthes ago...).

Finally, admins were having to wade through hours of political garbage that the vast majority of people weren't interested in to make sure that the first thing people saw when they came on wasn't someone being obnoxiuos, abusive, and obscene.

The problem, though, is that with no viable place to really play away from the chatter, people who didn't like the chatter simply left the server.

Fwiffo: The problem isn't the chat -- it's the content.

But the ECR is very alive, if you stick around, you will find that only the best of the best topics survive in such a quiet room.

To see the history or the huge discussion about the ECR, see the wall of text below.

Okay a few problems that are going to occure with this new chage. This at least would have made the change known and more acceptable.