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To highlight that the DTD has been used for the validation, the title attribute in the input document has a value which is not allowed according to this DTD.

is only a hint to the parser and the parser may use other means to decide which schema to apply.Unfortunately the specification does not say what those other means should be.This is the reason why (most of the) XML parser implementations do not support XML Namespaces by default, to handle the validation of XML documents with namespaces correctly it is therefore necessary to configure the underlying parsers to provide support for XML Namespaces.) as defined below has been used in the code examples to validate the input document.For instance, how do you associate a document to its schema in a portable way?

In most cases, through the attribute works well in small-scale applications, but it becomes increasingly difficult to manage in more distributed environments.

The validation cannot be robust if it depends on the content of the document, such as JAXP uses URIs as identifiers for properties and attributes, which is consistent with the use of URIs as namespace identifiers.

Unfortunately, this use of URIs may be slightly confusing.

This tip discusses new features in Java API for XML Processing (JAXP) 1.2 that give you more flexibility in validating documents against schemas.

Typically, an application validates XML documents against a list of known schemas as part of its error handling.

The Error Handler used for the examples is a very simple one which reports the error to and continues until the XML document has been fully parsed or until a fatal-error has been reported.