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It then seems quite reasonable to date non-Jews while still planning to marry Jewish in the end.

At the beginning of the month, I felt quite proud of myself. By the end of the month, I resented every beggar I saw. It is reasonable to assume that most did not marry their high school sweethearts - they simply fell into patterns of dating.Within a couple of weeks, it became normal - 'of course I'll try and help someone out,' I thought to myself, 'anyone would.' Then I spent the next month without giving a dime, no matter how pathetic and needy the person was. Let us consider an example of how this change in attitudes can work.By giving charity one hundred times, we will slowly become more generous people.Giving once, even a lot of money, will not have the same effect. I kept a lot of small change on me and for a month whoever asked was given at least a small coin. Even if you are not presently ready to get married, if you want to marry Jewish, dating non-Jews is still a bad idea because the more you date non-Jews, the more the idea of intermarriage seems normal. Already in the 1971 National Jewish Population Survey, researchers discovered the important but often overlooked statistic that Jews who intermarried were about four times more likely to have dated non-Jews during their late adolescent period than were those who did not intermarry.Simply put, we never know what will happen with a relationship.

What can start out as an innocent summer romance might last much longer than expected and turn into a lifelong commitment.Consider a college freshman from the New York named Scott, with relatively strong Jewish feelings.He wants to marry someone Jewish, and is 90% convinced that he will." Think about it: what are the chances that this little girl will develop into a strong, self-confident young woman?It is not surprising that children of same-faith marriages are more likely to feel secure in their identities, and therefore exhibit higher self-esteem and confidence.Nevertheless, he continues dating non-Jews in the meantime.